The "National Orc Geographic" is just about the only magazine with reliable maps of the world beyond the boarders of Orc controlled territory. It's full of skillfully illustrated stories of exotic creatures in far off lands - written from the point of view of Hobgoblin explorers and Goblin sailors.

The "Orc War Journal" contains wonderfully illustrated stories of epic Orc battles. It's a great way for Orc warriors to "bone up" on the latest fighting techniques. The "Orc War Journal" magazines are also the best source for the latest news from the front lines.

Looking for articles simmering with information about delicious Orc food? Then you can't do better then "Orc Food Digest". It's the perfect magazine for any chef in the market for the spicy, salty and fatty recipes that Ogres, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Gremlins and all other manner of "green-skins" crave.

"Popular Orc Mechanics" contains detailed illustrations of, and articles about, the latest weapons and inventions created by Orks and Goblins. The primary source of news about magic and science in the Orc empire.

The "New Orker" magazine is packed with intellectual articles and funny cartoons about life in New Ork City. The New Orker is a great way to keep up with politics, art and culture in the city that never hibernates.

The "National Orc Enquirer" is the best source for the kind of stories that other magazines are afraid to run. It is also the premiere source for gossip and celebrity news.

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Website Description: An online parody of real magazines such as "Playboy Magazine" and the "New Yorker Magazine". These non-subscription parody magazines are Orc-themed slanted toward rpg games. Orcs are green-skinned monsters such as Goblins, Gremlins, Ogres and Orks that can be found in popular role playing rpg games such as "Warhammer 40000", "Dungeons & Dragons" rpg games and the "EverQuest" computer games.  Orcs are also the ugly monsters from the Lord of the Rings movies and the Lord of the Rings books. "Play Orc" is a parody of "Playboy", the "New Orker" is a parody of the "New Yorker" and so on. This website is NOT affiliated with Playboy magazines, New Yorker magazines or any other magazine subscription.

"Play Orc" specializes in sexy pictures for the discerning Orc male. It's packed with erotic illustrations of the most attractive Orc maidens and non-Orc slave girls from every corner of the Orc empire. "Play Orc" also contains thought-provoking articles that no one reads. (

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Orcs of "Orc Magazine" can be found here. Detailed Orc art and information about all six Orc races.

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